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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nikita Chandak In Top 20 in Beauty With a Purpose Award

NIKITA CHANDAK yet again makes to the top 20 for the most important subtitle award of the #MissWorld contest, 'BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE' award which is also the main moto of the entire competition..
Watch her 'Beauty With A Purpose' project's video:

Now that she has already made it to Top 40 and is also the semi-finalist for the two subtitle award, we can further help NEPAL advance to another subtitle award that is Multimedia Award, for that we gotta vote max. Here's how:
STEP 1 : open this link and maathi
manxe ko symbol dekhinxa... Click that and login ko page khulxa ...And then waha facebook ko symbol hunxa (or u can use any other social media login) .... Click that and it will ask if
u want to continue as the fb account that was open (continue garne)
And then u do back twice and again u reach to nikitas profile and
finally u click 'vote for me' ... But until a message pops up tala tira... That
your voting for nikita chandak accepted..

STEP 2 :
download the #MobStar app, login with Facebook or any other social media account, search Nikita Chandak having blue tick on the profile, follow her and swipe from left to right on every post she has posted to vote..(Yes! Vnera dekhauxa)
#VoteForNepal boost boost, let the history be created this Time..