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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Asia's First Churiya Road Tunnel is 100 Years Old

The historic Churia tunnel that was constructed in 1917 to connect the country’s first motorable gravel road between Amlekhgunj and Bhimphedi lies in dilapidated state.
The entrance to the Churia tunnel near Hetauda. The tunnel goes under the Churia mountain range. It is 9 ft wide, 10 ft high and 785 ft long. The tunnel was built in 1917 and was in use till the early 1960s, after which the highway bypassed it. 
Although the 500-metre tunnel, carved through the Churia Mountain Range, is no longer in use, many people are of the view that it must be conserved for its historical significance. They believe that the authorities should not let the structure fall into ruins.
Thehe tunnel was designed by the country’s first urban planner, Brig Gen Dillijung Thapa.

The tunnel was not only the shortest way vehicles could reach Bhimphedi from Hetauda, it was the first ever road tunnel built, an engineering feat of the time.
Renowned Swiss geologist Toni Hagen had also travelled through the tunnel to get to Bhimphedi, the only gateway to Kathmandu Valley for those travelling from the Tarai districts at the time. 
The tunnel has witnessed several damages after decades of disuse. Thehe government should launch immediate measures to prevent the tunnel from caving in. They say the tunnel is an important part of Nepal’s modern
history and the government should treat it as a national heritage.

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