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Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Unification of Nepal First Phase part 1

The Unification Of Nepal

1. The first of phase unification during the period of King Prithivi Narayan

Shah :

The Gorkha kingdom was established in 1559 AD subsequently the famous kings made the society socially, culturally very prosperous. King Ram Shah made variou reforms in different fields. In legal field he canned much popularity. For all others reforms of Ram Shah, there have been a popular saying if you are deprived of justice, then go to Gorkha'. The 10th descendant of this dynasty Prithivi Narayan Shah organized his force very well and expanded his territory far and wide and he carned his glorious fame as the 'Great king because of uni ying the small principalities.

  • Early life

Prithivi Narayan Shah was born from the couple king Narabhupal Shah and his second wife queen Kaut There is 7th January 1723 A.D. BS). interesting story found about the birth of Prithivi Narayan Shah. One night when Kaushalyavati had a dream of swallowing the Sun, she woke up and narrated the dream to her husband. On hearing it,King Narabhupal beat her. The queen wept and did not sleep for the rest of the night. In the morning, king Shah said to the queen, he had beaten her simply not to let her sleep, for the dream she reamt was very good one, and to make her dream had to keep her awake. After hearing it the queen became very pleased. Prithivi Narayan Shah was born to her after seven moths of this incident. But in the declaration of the crown Prince, there arose a question in the palace because the first queen Chandra Prabhawoti also gave birth to a son Brindakwahan in the usual time of pregnancy But Brindakeshaar died soon and Prithivi Narayan Shah became the undisputed successor.

Prithivi Narayan Shah was brave, clever, and courageous from his childhood. Chandra Prabhawoti, the senior queen of king Narabhupal Shah had taken responsibility herself to provide education to Prithivi Narayan Shah. So, he got good moral education and training from her. He had good knowledge of scriptures and others. He became brave, courageous, active, able administrator and good organizer. He always hated luxurious life. Narabhupal Shah appointed him as a co- regent defeat Nuwakot. So, he gained experience of administration since his childhood. The chronicles denote the various fantastic incidents in his childhood. Once, he went to visit the temple of Gorakhnath, at the age of six. There he met an old man who asked him for some yogurt. The boy went to nearby house and brought some yogurt. The old man swallowed the entire yogurt and when there was a little left in his mouth, he asked the boy to stretch out his hand. little yogurt into the boy's hand and told him to eat that yogurt. He didn't like to eat it and threw it away immediately. The yogurt from his hand happened to fall on his feet. Then the old man said, If you had eaten that yogurt you would have succeeded in what you speak of, but since the yogurt fell on your feet, you will conquer the lands that your feet tread upon Saying so, the old man vanished. It is said that the old man was no other than Gorkhnath himself.