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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Everything you should know about Festival of lights 'Tihar'

  • Tihar (Deepawali)

Tihar, known as the festival of light, is celebrated for days.

Houses are illuminated at night and special swe dillerent varieties

are prepared. After Dashain, Thar the most prominent to This

festival begins from Kartik Shukla for on it lasts of five days.

Each and different purpose of days has its importance There is no

accurate season on the emergence of Tihar According to the

sayings, it is related with the 'Yamaraj Thi festival is also known as

the "Yama Panchak because it i related with Yamaraj, the God of

death Tihar is known as the Festival of lights. It is a time of

candlelight decorations. On different days, there are offerings and

small celebrations for crows, dogs, cows and the oxen

Worshipping of crows is performed on the first day performed this

day is also called Kagtihar The crow is messenger of Yamaraj.

Fruits and other sweets or roti are offered to crows.

On the second day the dogs are worshipped Dogs are known as

close friends of people and also known as the messengers of

Yamaraj. This day people give to dog varieties of food and put

garland on its neck. In this day people don't punish dogs despite its

possible misbehaviors with people.

Among five days, the third day is most important. This day is

also known as Laxmi Puja and Deepawali. Mother goddess Laxmi

is known as the goddess of wealth. Giving the varieties of food and

putting the garland on its neck as well as Laxmi, early in the

morning putting the tika on its forehead, as on this day, worship the


On the night of Laxmi Puja garlands are hung and lamps are

lighted to invite Laxmi, the goddess of wealth into the house.

People believe that where is darkness Laxmi will not come. So,

one can see light everywhere at night. At night of Laxmi Puja,

children sing a Bhailo song by going to each household.

During thenight the group of bands and other musical parties go to

every household for etc. The fourth day is meant for Brispuja,


singing ploughing field and bull worship of oxen. The oxen are

used for during whole year. So, day oxen worshipped During day

and night, the groups of male persons sing Deusi ng, accompanied

by the musical instrument, while going every household. On the

same d Govarddhan hill. With performed. is name of

celebrated of its Lord Krishna had saved many animals on the

course time. So, for its symbolic value the Puja performed

New according to Nepal Era or Newari calendar the day of

the people re blessings themselves to remain healthy and

happy for the of the year for Bhai Tika, The fifth day is

very important This is the worship of brothers, and it is the

last day of Tihar. by day when make offerings to their

brothers The worshipping sisters and wish for their long life.

of different steps on garlands rituals of breaking a walnut,

putting Makhamali" flowers and encircling brothers in rings

of mustard oil, putting Thka the seven colors vermilion

powder om brother's forehead for protecting them from

Yamaraj, lord of the underworld. This day also show the love

and intimate relationship between brothers and sisters.

During this festival people feel free for playing cards.