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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby Born with Intestine Outside Belly

A woman in Dhankuta Nepal has given birth to a baby girl with intestines outside the body. The baby has been ferried to Kathmandu for treatment.

A 17-year-old woman of Dhankuta Municipality-7 gave birth to the child with a condition called gastrochisis which means the baby’s intestines grow outside the body. When the infant cried upon delivery, more intestines popped out of her navel, said Sundara Guragain, a nurse involved in the delivery.
“Initially a small part of the small intestine was seen outside the body of the baby when delivered,” she said, “But as the baby cried, more intestines spilled out of her body and we suggested the parents to take the baby to Kathmandu for treatment.”
According to the nurse, the baby weighted 2.4 kilograms at birth. Doctors used medical methods in order to protect her from infections and also provided artificial respiration.
It is learnt the baby will be taken to Kanti Children Hospital in the Capital.
Health workers said the rare condition could occur due to lack of enough iron and calcium during pregnancy.
The family with poor financial condition has been provided Rs 17,000 for treatment of the baby by Dhankuta Municipality-7 ward office and locals.