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Thursday, July 27, 2017

7 Facts about Singha Durbar you may not know || Shocking

Singha Durbar is palace th Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The palace complex lies In the centre of Kathmandu, to the north of the BabarMahal and Thapathali Durbarand east of Bhadrakali. This palace was built by Chandra Shumsher JBR in June 1908.
Here we see top 7 Interesting Facts about Singhadurbar

The construction of this palace started from early 1958 B.S and finished on 1960 B.S

The Structure was designed by only two engineers and Shumsher spent 50 lakhs for its constrction. Before The fire of 1973, Singha Durbar had 7 courtyards and 1700 rooms with marbled floors, painted ceilings..

After the palace was constructed completely, Chandra gifted this palace to his wife as he had promished her to make the most beautiful palace among the palaces of Kathmandu.


  • Chandra Shumsher established Pharping Hydropower Project For the lighting of Singha Durbar during Night.

It is said that Chandra Shumsher sold this palce to the Nation for 2 crores at that time.

Maple Tree which is found in only place of Nepal is inside the compound of Nepal Telecom in Singha Durbar.

In 1952 B.S, Singha Durbar was considered as the biggest,Beautiful and well faciliated palace of Asia.